Custom Homes

Sales & Design


As a full-service, design-to-build firm, T.A. French Custom Builder begins the sales and design process with an initial design consultation where, upon the introduction of Troy French's business practices and building philosophies, the client is able to share their thoughts, ideas and specific project requirements with our team. During this consultation, design elements including style, square-footage, interior and exterior amenities, and building materials are addressed as well as the project's proposed budget and timeline. Once these factors have been taken into consideration, the design process begins.

During the design process, Troy French's Architectural Designer produces a blueprint as well as a speculation sheet that are in accordance to the pre-determined design elements. Upon client approval, full-color renderings are created in an effort to provide a three-dimensional perspective with regards to the colors and textures of the home.

This phase in the building process is by far the most comprehensive by design, and serves as the planning and preparation tool in confirming the various details that would otherwise become issues during the construction process – a factor that could be detrimental to the timeline and proposed budget of the project. Once the design process has been approved, actual construction is scheduled to begin.

Selection & Production Process


Once construction has been initiated, the client will begin the selection process which occurs simultaneously to the production process. During the selection process, the client must make more than 300 decisions with regards to the mechanical functionality and interior design features of the home including everything from flooring, countertops, and appliances to plumbing and lighting fixtures, or in essence, everything that goes into the home once the foundation has been poured, and the frame has been erected.

At the beginning of the selection process, an allowance process is incorporated to serve as the client's financial planning and management tool for making selections that are within the identified budget. This allowance has been pre-approved by the client and earmarked in the overall budget. If the client comes in under budget during the selection process, they may apply the credit toward a separate design or building feature, or simply deduct it from the overall proposed budget.

At T.A. French Custom Builder, we go to great lengths to educate the client about every selection option available because although we are on-hand to offer assistance in making selections, the final decision is ultimately left up to the client. At Troy French, our Interior Designer will personally accompany the client to our neighboring showroom in an effort to provide a certain level of design expertise when choosing selections that will most impact the look, feel and lasting brilliance of a custom home. Where most builders simply provide a list of vendors to the client during the selection process, Troy French is committed to working alongside the client in a non-controlling fashion to ensure that every decision made has been properly viewed from every angle possible.

While the selection process is underway, the production process has been initiated. It is during this process that the design of the home begins to take shape, and what was once only a blueprint becomes a living reality.

Backed by the highest level of expertise in production management; outstanding, long-term, vendor partnerships; and a standard of excellence in craftsmanship, stewardship and leadership, T.A. French Custom Builder is committed to delivering an exceptional product both on-time and on-budget. During the production process, Troy French's Production Manager remains on-site throughout the building process in an effort to ensure the proper management of time, resources, and quality control factors that not only meet, but exceed project fulfillment specifications.

As the most critical phase in the homebuilding process, our clients may expect that every aspect of their new home will be exactly what it was intended to be – beautifully customized, exceptionally crafted, refreshingly innovative, and state-of-the-art in both form and function.

Project Fulfillment


At T.A. French Custom Builder, we have raised the bar in offering exceptional customer service that extends well beyond mere project fulfillment. We believe that our duty to perform continues on post-construction, and is just as important as it was during the initial design consultation.

Troy French prides itself on providing the most thorough exit strategy in the industry. During the final walk-through, T.A. French Custom Builder presents the client with a paint touch up kit along with a Homeowner Move-in Supplies Package. The client may opt to use these materials as needed, or simply schedule the repair or replacement with a Troy French representative. In addition to these parting materials, Troy French also provides a selection binder to the client that includes all roofing, paint, flooring, and tile selections in the event that the client may wish to purchase more of these materials at a later date.

Additionally, T.A. French Custom Builder has raised the bar by incorporating a warranty program with a 6 month inspection process that is ideal to meet the long-term requirements of each and every home we build. With our one-two-ten warranty program, our clients may rest assured that T.A. French Custom Builder will continue to provide excellence in customer service for many years to come.

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